What should have been a quick process has taken a bit longer than we hoped, but that’s the way of handcrafted products, be they ginger beer or sourdough bread, and like the bread, the vinyl is currently cooling down to ensure an undisturbed, top quality product.

NP004 contains two tracks, cunningly devised in Yorkshire, reflecting the area’s no nonsense attitude and warmth. The final touches of mastering, have been added once again by the skilled ears of Moog expert Dr Spaventi. This continues to give us a very important international dimension to what is still a local artisanal product.

Specially formulated to make you dance and give you something a little extra, we’ve switched to a more hard wearing sleeve this time, and where cutting engineer failed with inscriptions, as can be their wont, we’ve lovingly re-designed the label to incorporate details of the free gift we’re providing.

All printing uses the tried and tested dual pizza/kitchen table printing technology™ and guaranteed, lounge-floor drying system. As you should be aware by now, this means the ink is thoroughly dry before shipping, so that transport weight can be kept to a minimum and savings passed on to you.

Two track, single sided 12″ vinyl.

1. Need Money For Bread 07:49

2. Rinse That SH** 05:50

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