Waging the war against disposable plastics, by providing you with something to treasure, we present NP005, “Epic Like Heston”.

Hailing from the edges of the site of the bloodiest battle on British soil, this marathon machine jam continues our series of Yorkshire based artisinal electronics, touched with the exemplary finishing skills of Dr MarcoAntonio Spaventi.

We’ve returned to the ultra lightweight sleeving format which saves you, the customer, room in your bag. Screen printed in the searing temperatures of summertime York, all printing uses the tried and tested kitchen table printing technology™ and guaranteed, lounge-floor drying system. As you should be aware by now, this means the ink is thoroughly dry before shipping, so that transport weight can be kept to a minimum and savings passed on to you.

One track, single sided 12″ vinyl.

1. Epic Like Heston 14:00

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